How It Works

It’s really simple and fun! Mindle helps you play entirely harmless, yet engaging mind games with people you’re thinking about, anonymously. And if they guess the person correctly, Wohoo! You know you have a real connection with them.


Have someone in mind?

Mindle brings you an exciting new way to let your pals or family know you’re thinking of them.

Guess who Mindled

Guess who thought of you. Choose from your phone contact book and your facebook friend list.

Be a Telepathic Guru

Rank Up! Higher the connection, higher the rank. Be a telepathic guru, and know you are truely out of this world!

Awesome Features

We’ve built in tons of features for you to to be able to Mindle with people and all of them are super easy to understand and use. Pinky swear.

You get 3 Mindles every day which
are each valid for 24 hours.

You can send them to anyone you
were just thinking about.

The receiver won’t know that you sent it but you can notify them.

In case the user doesn’t respond, you
can send them a nudge.

If the user doesn’t guess who nudged
him, you can always send them clues.

If the user guesses it right, you guys are awesome.

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App Screenshots

Some quick views of how the app looks and works before you’ve made up your mind to Mindle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know, you have ton’s of questions. So we’ve tried to get the basic one’s answered here. In case you have anything specific you’d like to know feel free to get in touch.

You can delete the ”Mindle” by tapping ”Delete” button next to the user. Only one is allows per 24 hours so be careful.

So Mindle is a fun way of doing that. You can send a Mindle and 10 minutes later, you can also send them a nudge to remind them that someone is thinking about them. The person you’ve Mindled has a full day to guess who sent it to them. In case they aren’t able to, you can always help them with a few guesses such as age, gender, location etc. Between all of this, if the user guesses it right, awesome! You guys have a match and a really nice connection. Else, no harm done.

We’ve kept the limit to 3 Mindles a day. This gets reset as soon as a new day begins giving you a new set of 3 to use. Unused Mindles do not get carried forward

We’ve designed a feature called ‘Nudge’ just for you. 10 minutes, after you’ve sent a user a Mindle, you can always Nudge them, while still staying anonymous, to let them know that they’ve been sent a Mindle by someone.

Sure you can! So after a Nudge has been sent, if the user still hasn’t responded, you have the ability to send the user some generic information about yourself in the form of clues such as your Gender, Age, City, Current Location and Mutual Contacts. These surely will help them get a better idea of who reached out.

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